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Existing residents can use the Resident Center to pay rent online, check their rent ledger, download copies of their lease, and communicate with management through text. Click the link below to log in to your Resident Center account now.

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Maintenance Request

Submitting a maintenance request has never been easier! Log in to the Resident Center to submit your request, and you’ll have access to schedule repairs, upload photos, and more! Please remember, call 911 first for emergencies’ but all maintenance requests should ALWAYS be submitted through the Residential Portal.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If your rent is not received when it is due, generally by the first of each month, you will be served a legal notice to pay your rent or leave the apartment. If rent is not received by the time the notice expires, and you do not leave, you will be subject to eviction proceedings. If you plan to be out of town when rent is due, you still need to make sure before you leave that your rent is paid. Being out of town does not excuse you from paying the rent. Rent must be paid regardless of any personal circumstances or problems you may have. This is part of your lease agreement, which is a legal document voluntarily signed by you. If your rent is late you may be subject to a late fee, and if your check bounces, you may be subject to a bounced check fee.
If there are any problems you wish to discuss in regard to your rent, you may contact your via the Residential Portal.

In a roommate situation, both roommates are entirely responsible for the rent. RPM prefers one payment for the entire rent per unit. You must work it out between yourselves as to how you get the rent payment to RPM; for example, there are times when one roommate may pay more rent than another, if that roommate occupies a room that is significantly larger, but that must be worked out between roommates and is not handled by RPM. It is not RPM’s responsibility to intercede if one of you pays and the other doesn’t. This will simply be considered non-payment of rent, and both your names may appear on a three-day notice and any possible eviction. The security deposit only is refunded when the entire unit is vacant, and no partial refund is given when one roommate moves out. If one roommate wants to leave and someone else wants to live in the unit, that person needs to apply as a tenant and be approved. If you and your roommate do not get along, SPM is not obliged to get your roommate to leave. Needless to say, it is important to know a person’s history of being responsible financially before agreeing to be that person’s roommate. It would be wise to see a potential roommate’s credit history before agreeing to share an apartment.

Security deposits are not to be used instead of payment of rent, since the purpose of a security deposit is to pay for any damage caused by the tenant or their guests. If you do not pay rent, including the last month you are in the unit, you may be subject to eviction proceedings. You are entitled to an accounting of your security deposit as well as the appropriate refund, within 30 days of your moving out of the unit.

Any persons not on the original lease may only occupy the unit with the permission of RPM, and that person needs to be approved as a tenant by RPM. You may be charged more rent if that person is in addition to, rather than instead of, a present resident. If an additional person is found to live in your unit, without permission of SPM, you may be subject to eviction and/or increase of rent.
As a first step, if your neighbor is violating House Rules, we always suggest first talking to your neighbor in a friendly tone of voice. For instance, you may want to let him/her know that they may be unaware of the fact that it is late at night, their music can be heard in your unit, and is preventing you from sleeping. If you have already tried this, and the behavior continues, please inform Management, and RPM will contact the tenant. If the behavior continues even after SPM has made a direct request to your neighbor, please inform RPM, and further steps may need to be taken. If there is a loud party late at night and you feel you have no choice, by all means contact the Police Department.
As part of the lease agreement, renovations made by a tenant are only permissible with written approval by RPM. You may, of course, hang paintings of your choice on the wall, provided you keep the holes small and to a minimum. This rule against renovation without permission applies to all renovations, including changing your carpeting or other flooring, installation of built in appliances, etc. Please do not affix a satellite dish or other antenna to the roof, as you will be charged for any damages to the roofing.

If you are experiencing a maintenance emergency, call (864) 881-1372. All non-emergency work orders should be submitted through the Resident Center

Rent can be paid online through the Resident Center. You can access the Resident Center using the link above, or by downloading the app on Google Play or in the Apple App Store.

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