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Payment Instructions

1.Real Property Management LLC have no ownership interest in the managed property. We work for our investors/owners.
2. .Real Property Management is the authorized agent of the property owner.
3. Vendor agrees to hold Real Property Management, LLC its employees, agents and assigns harmless for the failure of a property owner to pay for services, supplies, parts, materials and/or labor ordered by the owner that was not requested by Real Property Management .
4. Vendor agrees that they shall do no other work on the property other than that which is specifically ordered and approved by Real Property Management.
5. Vendor understands and agrees that the tenant has no authority to order any work to be done on the premises. Should Vendor perform any work at the request of a tenant that has not been expressly approved by Real Property Management. Vendor agrees that neither Real Property Management , LLC nor the owner is liable for payment for such work

6. Payment: Real Property Management will pay Vendors/Repair Technicians in full 2 business days or less please do not include weekend and holiday's business days only. Real Property Management must receive all photos/Invoices and/or needed documents from Technician to classify a job as complete. The time frame begins 15 business days after we received all documents and photos, the work is considered completed. If photos not received within 5 days after completion this could result in P.O. not being paid (ALL PHOTOS MUST BE SENT within 24 hours of leaving the said property from which work was performed) via our website
7. Vendor agrees that any work performed shall be at the vendors/subcontractors expense to provide all materials and tool needed to perform the job, in the event of a dispute between vendor and regarding the quality of workmanship or materials provided (unless notified all parts must be replaced with the exact parts) (NEW PARTS ONLY, NEVER USED OLD PARTS ON ANY REPAIRS), the full completion of all work and services covered by the work order, compliance with promise care polices and guidelines of this contract, all RECALLS on performed work must require promptness and diligence, fail to commence correction on defective work or warranty work with in two (2) business days of notification by Real Property Management. And if another vendor have to be called out to correct/fix the said work all cost and expenses incurred will be charged to you if payment was received for same work you perform.
8. Vendor agrees and affirms that they will provide the invoice for work completed within 72 hours of job completion. Invoices received 20 days past work completion date will not be paid. No exceptions can be made. Vendor agrees to sign acknowledges and agree to Lien waiver on all said property on work orders holding Real Property Management LLC responsible to pay all invoices on completed work perform as agreed upon and listed on work order only.

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