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If you don’t have a login, please “Create Your Account Here” and follow the prompts.

Your login information will be emailed to you. Please use the email account we have on file for you and the rental property address.

If needed please contact our office for further assistance.

Paying Rent Online

Paying rent online is the easiest way to pay your rent. Log into the Resident Portal and follow the prompts to make a single payment or set up recurring payments!


Renters Insurance Flyer
The Lease requires all Tenants to carry a $100,000 in Tenant  Legal Liability coverage for accidental or tenant damage  resulting from fire, smoke, backup or overflow of sewer, drain,  water damage, falling objects and collision with vehicles.

Renewal Requests and Notices to Vacate

Please submit your written notice to vacate by filling out our Notice to Vacate Form! If you would like to submit a renewal request, please click here.

Maintenance FAQs

Q: Try plunging your toilet first. If our maintenance staff respond to a call to unclog a toilet caused by a tenant you will be charged.

A: Many things can cause a clog. We do not recommend acids like Drano or Mr. Plummer. Products like these can damage older pipes. Try use a plugger.

A: Permission to enter allows a our maintenance department to enter if the tenant is not home. If we have permission to enter from the tenant we can take care of maintenance requests in a timely manner. Without it, the process can take much longer.

A: If you did not give permission to enter we may have tried to contact you to set up a time, but have not been able to get in touch with you.

A: First we recommend that you try some Decon or mice traps in the areas you saw or suspect mice.

A: As seasons change ants like to migrate inside. Try a generic ant spray or if you have a larger ant problem we suggest Terro.

A: First check the circuit breaker. If it has been tripped reset it. Also some water heaters have a reset button. If you are able to reset the breaker or the water heater it may take a couple hours for the water heater to warm up again. If you are still have problems submit a maintenance request or contact our office.

If you did give permission, we may just be backed up with requests as we do address them on a priority basis in the order we receive them. If it has been more than 5 business days please call our office and we will check on the status.

A: Changing the battery in the smoke detector is a tenant responsibility. If you are unsure what kind of battery look inside the cover of the smoke detector, there is generally a battery description or number you can call. If you have replaced the battery and the smoke detector still does not work contact our office.

A: If you are just turning it on for the first time this winter, that is normal. Let it run for a short while and the smell should go away. If it persists after a reasonable amount of time contact our office.

A: Changing light bulbs of any kind is a tenant responsibility. If you are unsure of the size, type, etc of the light please contact our office and we will refer you to someone who can assist you.

Repair Requests

Please submit your maintenance requests by logging in to your Resident Portal!  Or through our Contact Page. If you’re experiencing an Emergency, call 864-416-7948 If your call is not an emergency you will be fined $35.00. This fine must be paid with your next monthly rental payment.

Tenant portal resources : Download the Real Property Tenant App.

Here are some maintenance videos below.

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